Hell's Rebels

Kintargo recoils

When the good citizens of Kintargo set out for Aria park only a month ago, they knew they might be setting themselves on a difficult path. The violence has begun to escalate, and bodies have been sprouting all over the city, like weeds in the garden. As always seems to be the case, most of the violence has fallen on the backs of the poor and marginalized. It started with the massacre in and around Aria park, but it didn’t end there.

There was the tiefling woman found on a rooftop in the temple district, whose face had been eaten off by some small predator. Folks mostly think it’s connected to the dozen-or-so tieflings who had been found dead with all their teeth knocked out over in the Devil’s Nursery. Then there were the foreign thugs who’d been skulking around the old salt works. Their tongueless heads were put on display before Castle Kintargo for the crime of “Mercenary Violence”. And just this week the city was stunned by the terrorist attack at the Delronge Estate.

All of these deaths are starting to add up. A month ago the Thrune accountants had Kintargo listed with a population of 11,900. Today their divinations returned the troubling number 11,849. Is this a brief time of turmoil, as the city settles into a new ruler, or is this the sign of more darkness to come?


ryon_frink ryon_frink

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