A strikingly tall, classically beautiful women with ivory skin and cherry red hair. She often wears heavy robes and moved quite deliberately.


Attia was born from exceptionally common but pious human stock. Attia was born an Aasimar despite her human background. Her parents saw this as a gift from Aroden, their patron deity. Her parents paraded their wonder child around Ravounel and then Aroden was killed and there was turmoil.

Attia was raised in the church of Aroden; she was raised to believe she was a direct gift from the god; she did not drop her faith when other did. Nonetheless her open worship of Aroden was no well received in her home nation during and after the civil war. She was forced to flee.

Eventually she joined a mercenary band named the Iron Halo which took part in the War for the Worldwound. During the campaign she was captured and tortured for nearly a year until she was eventually rescued by compatriots – led by Sir VonBrom.

Together with Sir VonBrom she traveled to her home in Ravounel to hunt dragons and fight for the Glorious Reclamation.


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