Roget Bastardo nee Jheltro

Jheltro Bodyguard


Warpriest of Gorum 6

str:13 (15) Hp: 39
dex:15 init: 6 (2 4)
con:12 ac: 24 (10 +7
int:10 spd: 20
wis:16 (18) CMB: 6

Fort: 6
Ref: 4

Feats: Comat Reflexes, Improved init, Stand still, Bodyguard, Shield Focus, Covering defense, Selective Channeling

Special Abilities: Aura of good, 6x day Blessing (War, Str) weapon focus: Scimitar, Sacred weapon 1d8, divine power +1 bonus (defending, flaming, frost, keen, shock), Fervor 7x day 2d6, channel energy uses up 2 uses of fervor

gear: Belt of Giant Str +2, Headband of Inspired Wis. +2, Ring of Prot +1, Great sword +1, Mithral Scimitar +1, heavy steel shield +1, Breastplate +1.


A silent man is Roget, and one who is not afraid to follow the orders of the Jheltros, whatever they may be.
An orphan in Kintargo, he was picked up off the streets by Tamaretto Jheltro, Aerodus’s uncle. He was raised as a Jheltro until he was 12, and then sent to a temple of Gorum (after a sizable donation by teh family) to be trained and taught to be a bodyguard of the Family.
While in the temple, he caught some religion, seeing the truth of strength. With his training complete he was hired out by the temple to protect assorted noblemen, until his family called him back to the fold with the upheaval in Cheliax. He has been sent to guard young Jheltro, as the family is becoming slightly concerned with what may be turning into an ugly situation.

Roget Bastardo nee Jheltro

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