Sir Gwyn'fr VonBrom


He is a tall half-elf with a thick mane of blond hair and shocking, elven green eyes. His shoulders are broad and his hands are heavily calloused hands.


A self styled Dragon Hunter and warden of the wild, Sir VonBrom joined up with a mercenary band known as the Iron Halo. After the war for the World Wound, Sir VonBrom along with four of his fellow mercenaries went to Chilax to join the employ of the Glorious Reclamation. The group had a native of Ravounel and heard stories of a dragon in the province so their assignment was welcome.

They found a green dragon serving as a sort of enforcer for House Thrune in the province. The group stalked the Dragon, investigated, tracked it to its layer near a mountain lake, and then confronted it. During the course of their investigation the Dragon and it’s minions whittled the group down to two, VonBrom and Attia. Too weak to proceed without more strength, they paused to recruit a new member. VonBrom used his druidic connections and recruited a druid who fit the description of who they were looking for – the druid Bemlain.

The group finally confronted the Dragon in its layer where a top a powerful charger struck the dragon square in the heart and slew it.

Sir Gwyn'fr VonBrom

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