Hell's Rebels

An evening at Laria's

So there they were in the condemnable livery, Aerodus, Rexus, and Gilly hurt badly, and the pig farmer knocked unconscious. With the sun’s rise in the morning the city’s curfew was lifted and the nascent revolutionaries where looking forward to Rexus treating everyone to puffy milk and brandy at Laria’s Cafe’. But how to get Bigby Tusk across town in his state? Aerodus, in his opium induced haze went and bought a donkey, not getting a very good deal. Gilly and Rexus cleaned off the old cart that was in the livery and hid Bigby in it’s bed and covered him in straw. They all passed quite well as homeless beggars as they drove to Laria’s. On the way, they encountered a man who should have been dead but was somehow alive and desperately in need of coin to pay his debts to the Church of Asmodeus.

When they arrived at the cafe’, Rexus introduced everyone to Laria the halfling as revolutionaries and she seemed pretty skeptical. She introduced herself as the leader of the Bellflower Network and offered to show Aerodus and Gilly the basement smuggling tunnels, describing how one of her smuggling contacts had recently disappeared down there. The party decended into the darkness with torches and lanterns, weapons on the ready.

The body of the smuggler was spotted floating in the the water in the underground tunnel and Aerodus attempted to fish him out, but the subsequent encounter with the giant albino alligator did not go well for him, but Gilly and Laria managed to kill it. After reviving Aerodus, the three of them felt like they were being watched and then spotted a beastly looking Tengu type creature just before it attacked them. After a good wounding the thing fled. But there were four Tengu sisters led by Korva who came out of the shadows, and Aerodus calmed their fears about the heroes with an excellent bit of diplomacy. The Tengu sisters said they were being smuggled by the poor dead bastard who was pushed into the alligator’s den by the beastly murderous “pet” of theirs, and they asked the group if they would finish the job of killing it, putting it out of everyone’s misery.

Laria offered to let Aerodus, Gilly, and Bigby use the underground facilities to house their revolution, and all agreed that the Tengu sisters could stay there in exchange for work.

Further revelations of documents
The kintargo docs.

The silver raven documents

The silver ravens headquarters in and below the opera house.

Said to be able to use something called the song of silver for when kintargo was attacked by enemies.

The leaders of the silver ravens knew that house thrune would sieze control, and made an agreement to surrender should that occur. The documents were a time capsule to remember the silver ravens.

In addition to studying these doc, he is also studying some of the doc that he recieved from his mother, who was a member of secret society, the sacred order of archivists.

He believes that his mother is still alive. He has discovered that hidden in some of the secret doc of the silver ravens that the archivists were founded before the silver ravens, and that they are an old organization. They may still be at hookum phantasmagorium.

The phantasmagorum is a museum and house of oddities, in old kintargo’s bridge district.

Kintargo recoils

When the good citizens of Kintargo set out for Aria park only a month ago, they knew they might be setting themselves on a difficult path. The violence has begun to escalate, and bodies have been sprouting all over the city, like weeds in the garden. As always seems to be the case, most of the violence has fallen on the backs of the poor and marginalized. It started with the massacre in and around Aria park, but it didn’t end there.

There was the tiefling woman found on a rooftop in the temple district, whose face had been eaten off by some small predator. Folks mostly think it’s connected to the dozen-or-so tieflings who had been found dead with all their teeth knocked out over in the Devil’s Nursery. Then there were the foreign thugs who’d been skulking around the old salt works. Their tongueless heads were put on display before Castle Kintargo for the crime of “Mercenary Violence”. And just this week the city was stunned by the terrorist attack at the Delronge Estate.

All of these deaths are starting to add up. A month ago the Thrune accountants had Kintargo listed with a population of 11,900. Today their divinations returned the troubling number 11,849. Is this a brief time of turmoil, as the city settles into a new ruler, or is this the sign of more darkness to come?

A new start

A month of laying low produces little progress. In close quarters, the rebellion experiences sickness multiple times, failed protests and dissafection with the cause.

A new character comes to the forefront-Maruman, an elf of middle years. While a visitor, Severita Barro ( who is a juicy gossip) [“the order of the torrent is outlawed by barzelli thrune. he has stripped them of their titles and lands. he has the support of the order of the wrack!”,] is at her house, Maruman recieves an uninvited guest- a disraught aquatic elf scout who was ambushed outside of town and comes looking for help.
“we decided to visit the city but only to discover that…that there was no legal way in.”
" I see. so you proceeded througha gate? throught the water?"
“no. no. we looked for a way in through the water. "
“into the large building?”
“yes. yes, into the large bulding. but my sisters were taken.”
“your sisters fell onto hard times?”
“your sisters came into conflict with the powers that be?”
“no. no, with something worse.”
“was this with something that could be reasoned with?”
“no. no, not at all. it could not be talked to. "
“were you looking for the singer?”
She switches to elvish at this point- mid sentence.
“yes, we were looking for the singer. we were ambushed by something under the large building. They were Skum.”
“this was in the city that you found the skum?”
" no, outside in the river. between the city and the ocean."
“i’m sorry to ask it this way, but why did you come to me?”
“we thought that you might know where shenchen was.’
“why would i know where shenchen is?”
“I dont know. I had just lost my sisters, and didnt know what to do, or where to go.”
“I dont know her personally. i had heard that she had dissapeared. why would you come this far, away from the village?”
“Azichasti was in danger. we had heard that shenchen would be able to help, and save our city.”

maruman gives the elf some tea.

“how many skum were there? if they were going to be killed, they would be dead know. if they are prisoners, then they will still be alive. rest now, my child, and I will try and find out more about where your sisters are.”

maruman goes and tries to find out more about the skum and shenchen. there are many rumors, such as shenchen was stuffed and turned into a marrionette, or that she went to arcadia and started another opera house.

maruman decides to go to a pub and grab a burger and a pint so that she doesnt have to deal with her visitor.

once back in her house, she finds a piece of paper on an open shutter.
roses are red, violets are blue. barzeli thrune is an asshole.
a window across the way opens up, and a small piece of paper floats down to the street. a small dragon head peeks out of the open window, looks down, and then vanishes. maruman casts see invisibility, then casts invisibility on herself. she follows the faery dragon to old kintargo, and straight to a building…

and to the silver ravens…
The order of the Torrent has been outlawed in the city, and its leader imprisoned. His cousin, the owner of a seedy tavern, “the tooth and nail taverna”. holes in the wall show the outside, and the rickety tabes and chairs threaten to break under any one of more than average weight.
The order of the torrent is pledged to find abductees and the lost. most of those outlawed are out of the city, but he may be out of the city at a small shrine in the swamps of Argo. His cousin thinks that he may help the Silver Ravens if he is rescued.

Marm enters the tavern, following the faery dragon. Aerodus immediately notices her. he goes over, asks if he can help.
The highwayman goes and says “we are against thrune!”
everyone hushes, and then loudly proclaims loyalty to thrune and the queen. confused conversation ensues, with aerodus nervously acting kind of immaturely, the highway man trying to distance himself from previous actions undertaken by the silver ravens, and Edwynn remaining quiet.

After regaining some order, the cousin talks about why she has tried to get the silver ravens to help.
Marm says that this is the result of prophecy- that a young woman has coem to her with her sisters taken by skum off of the old docks, and perhaps they might be related to the dissapearance of shenchen and the dissapearance of the leader of the torrent.

an old overweight guy with a red snoot comes over with the kid from teh bar, insome. “who are all these guys?” “have a free drink”
he’s a crap hauler for barzelis dogs at the castle.
doesnt know anything
young woman comes in with an apron covered in flour. she gets a shot. laquelle next door, sweet tooth owner.

everyone goes back to marms to interrogate the elf. she is gone when they all get there.
there are spellbooks all over the place, nice little place.

the adventurers go into the shrine, at night to try and find the leader of the torrent. the highwayman enters into the shrine, where two older people live- an older woman and man, who are dressed in tattered but clean clothes. they have sea shells and rocks woven into their hair and beard.
they are sister rainell and brother Bo.
the highwayman says that we are looking for the lictor, and we are here to help find him.
when the npc comes forward, they say “oh, yes, he is here. i see the resemblance. we will take you to him.”
the room they take us to is flooded, with six pillars. the cieling is supported by rough hewn wood. piles of soil and canvas and jumbled timbers lie on the floor. this may have been built to look like the hold of a ship. a statue in the corner is a woman holding a drowned sailor, built out of driftwood. the silver ravens
those that would visit the drowned departed must give forth lifes bouty
to these lips lest you face my guardian" everyone kisses and breathes on the lips of the drowned sailor statue. in the corner of the cavern past the statue there are bodies of sailors on hte floor, and someone has set up camp.
octavio stands up and asks" cousin, who have you brought? are these my arresters?"

the lictor says that he needs to see that the silver ravens can work subtly and within the law when necessary. if we can rescue the armigers and bring them to us, he will help us with tracking down the missing elves.

New Names and Faces

Malramuiluen (in which the Ls are silent) “Marm”, aquatic elf, Ryon’s character.
Severetta Barro, gossipy accountant from the Lord Mayor’s office.
Aava, aquatic elf, young survivor of a captured scout team from Acisazi (achi-sah’-zee).
Shensen, half elf, a celebrated opera performer missing since the Night of Ashes.
Setrona Sabinus, proprietor of the Tooth and Nail Taverna.
Insome, bar help at the Tooth and Nail.
Garvex, a drunk who is paid to clean up after the dogs at Castle Kintargo.
Luculla, proprietor of the Sweet Tooth Confectionary.
Brother Jenbai, oracle of St. Senex.
Sister Remele, oracle of St. Senex.
Lictor Octavio Sabinus, leader of the Order of the Torrent.


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