Hell's Rebels

A nice night for a riot

A peaceful protest turns violent

The scene opens on Aria Park, where a gathering of citizens is protesting the arrival of -Barzillai Thrune- and his subsequent proclamations.

One woman, wearing recently piurchased plain but fine clothing talks about the recent dissapearance of a singer, Chanson.

Another man, a little shady looking seems suspicious because someone is killing tieflings down in the Devils Nursery. He thinks that it might be the return of The Slasher.

A family man thinks that red roof or temple hill are unsafe to walk in at night, as several gangs, the are starting to act up, something that didn’t happen before Barzillai Thrune arrived.

Stay away from Clench jaw’s lots of brawls and politic talking, and people think that its going to be shut down soon.

After a large crowd gathers, a woman flanked by some rather large men. Her name is Nox, and while relatively new to town, has no reputation for violence.

The crowd is agitated but not violent. a halfling pickpocket makes the rounds and picks the pocket of the well off woman.

A woman thinks that Gilia Bane lenus fell down the stairs while drunk, instead of fleeing the country to Arcadia. We might be able to find out more at the docks.

A beggar in the streets starts rabble rousing against the Thrunes. “The Rhetorical Beggar.”

A Half-Orc with a Piglet under his arm starts yelling about not being able to afford pigs and cotton. “They took er hogs!” People start talking about ’The Naked Pig Farmer"

After another hour, a crier comes out of the opera house, and issues an eighth proclamation- foreign captains may not set foot in Kitargo, and they are responsible for the actions of their crew, on threat of squassation. Because, evidently, sailors are dirty.

“The Rhetorical Beggar” starts rabble rousing.
Three minutes after the third hour, the bells of the temple of Asmodeous peal out three times, and Barzillai Thrune strides out. “my adoring little chickadees, i am sorry to say that i have not yet adapted to your country ways. blah blah blah, know that i have heard you concerns, and i will address your concerns. i take pride in updating your quaint laws, and strengthening your ties to the capital.”
Someone throws a tomato, which goes through the window of Barzillai Thrune and he sets his thugs on the crowd.

Nox gets stabbed in neck. not phased. probably not human.
The rhetorical beggar sneaks up on some thugs, while the Naked Pig Farmer scares the thug enough that she runs away. Aerodus convinces some of the thugs that he is one of them.
Gillie, The Rhetorical Beggar, pokes one of the thugs in the eye.
Aerodus Jheltro steals an armband from one of the thugs. The Dotari move over to try and take out Bigby, who then casts a spell to dissapear. Aerodus fails to convince some thugs to help him move Gillis unconscious body. As Aerodus and Gilli head out to grab a drink, they hear snarls and tearing sounds. looking back, Aerodus sees nox holding the leash to a hell hound as it tears into the bodies of the protestors.

A clash of steel against steel alerts the party to some thugs messing with a regular citizen. Gilli rouses the crowd against the nationalists, and several nearby liberals run up to help. The nationalists pull out their maces and start wailing on everyone. Gilli starts throwing rocks, and Aerodus scares one off with threats. All the citizens get crushed, and bigby casts a spell, and swings his quarterstaff at one of the thugs. Aerodus treatens one of them and fails. Gilli gets hit and falls, while Aerodus tries to stab one of them, and misses; one steps next to him, and he stabs him. The group rushes to try and stabilize the citizens who fell defending them. Bigby heals the citizen, who then goes to heal the rest of the fallen citizens. He introduces himself as Rexus Victicora. He is a noble whose family lost it’s mansion and nobility during the night of ashes. He wishes us to help him against Thrune in Kintargo. He gives us his family fortune in exchange for help to try and start an insurrection. His mother porche was a member of the order of archivists. He has a letter from his mother that she wrote in case of her death. She mentions that there is a group called the Silver Ravens that in the past has helped keep Kintargo safe in previous wars and conflicts. There are several safe houses associated with the Silver Ravens, including the Fair Fortune Livery which she was investigating when she died.


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