Hell's Rebels

An evening at Laria's

So there they were in the condemnable livery, Aerodus, Rexus, and Gilly hurt badly, and the pig farmer knocked unconscious. With the sun’s rise in the morning the city’s curfew was lifted and the nascent revolutionaries where looking forward to Rexus treating everyone to puffy milk and brandy at Laria’s Cafe’. But how to get Bigby Tusk across town in his state? Aerodus, in his opium induced haze went and bought a donkey, not getting a very good deal. Gilly and Rexus cleaned off the old cart that was in the livery and hid Bigby in it’s bed and covered him in straw. They all passed quite well as homeless beggars as they drove to Laria’s. On the way, they encountered a man who should have been dead but was somehow alive and desperately in need of coin to pay his debts to the Church of Asmodeus.

When they arrived at the cafe’, Rexus introduced everyone to Laria the halfling as revolutionaries and she seemed pretty skeptical. She introduced herself as the leader of the Bellflower Network and offered to show Aerodus and Gilly the basement smuggling tunnels, describing how one of her smuggling contacts had recently disappeared down there. The party decended into the darkness with torches and lanterns, weapons on the ready.

The body of the smuggler was spotted floating in the the water in the underground tunnel and Aerodus attempted to fish him out, but the subsequent encounter with the giant albino alligator did not go well for him, but Gilly and Laria managed to kill it. After reviving Aerodus, the three of them felt like they were being watched and then spotted a beastly looking Tengu type creature just before it attacked them. After a good wounding the thing fled. But there were four Tengu sisters led by Korva who came out of the shadows, and Aerodus calmed their fears about the heroes with an excellent bit of diplomacy. The Tengu sisters said they were being smuggled by the poor dead bastard who was pushed into the alligator’s den by the beastly murderous “pet” of theirs, and they asked the group if they would finish the job of killing it, putting it out of everyone’s misery.

Laria offered to let Aerodus, Gilly, and Bigby use the underground facilities to house their revolution, and all agreed that the Tengu sisters could stay there in exchange for work.


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