Hell's Rebels

Further revelations of documents

The kintargo docs.

The silver raven documents

The silver ravens headquarters in and below the opera house.

Said to be able to use something called the song of silver for when kintargo was attacked by enemies.

The leaders of the silver ravens knew that house thrune would sieze control, and made an agreement to surrender should that occur. The documents were a time capsule to remember the silver ravens.

In addition to studying these doc, he is also studying some of the doc that he recieved from his mother, who was a member of secret society, the sacred order of archivists.

He believes that his mother is still alive. He has discovered that hidden in some of the secret doc of the silver ravens that the archivists were founded before the silver ravens, and that they are an old organization. They may still be at hookum phantasmagorium.

The phantasmagorum is a museum and house of oddities, in old kintargo’s bridge district.


ryon_frink tallman

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