Hell's Rebels

New Names and Faces

Malramuiluen (in which the Ls are silent) “Marm”, aquatic elf, Ryon’s character.
Severetta Barro, gossipy accountant from the Lord Mayor’s office.
Aava, aquatic elf, young survivor of a captured scout team from Acisazi (achi-sah’-zee).
Shensen, half elf, a celebrated opera performer missing since the Night of Ashes.
Setrona Sabinus, proprietor of the Tooth and Nail Taverna.
Insome, bar help at the Tooth and Nail.
Garvex, a drunk who is paid to clean up after the dogs at Castle Kintargo.
Luculla, proprietor of the Sweet Tooth Confectionary.
Brother Jenbai, oracle of St. Senex.
Sister Remele, oracle of St. Senex.
Lictor Octavio Sabinus, leader of the Order of the Torrent.


ryon_frink jbowling

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