Hell's Rebels

The Fair Fortune Livery

The Heroes and Rexus go to The Fair Fortune Livery to try and find a way of getting back at the Thrunes, and saving the city.
Nothing interesting happens on the way to the Livery, but curfew is rapidly approaching.
Coming up on the aged stable, it precariously leans to one side. The entire thing is entirely covered in dust, and smells like urine. The front doors are chained, but slightly ajar, and dog tracks are right around the door. Gill tries to go through the doors, and gets stuck in the chain. his coat rips and he falls into the dust. Rexus suggests that we try and open the lock- Gilly takes an extra moment and works the lock open.
They loudly sneak in…and are confronted with three mangy dogs that growl loudly as the heroes enter into the Livery. Bigby walks up and bares his tusks, growling back. It doesn’t work. So he fires an orb of acid at the biggest of the dogs, some sort of mastiff, and splashes behind it. Gillie attempts to convince the dogs that they love him. they do not, so he tries to frighten them. They are shaken, but still decide to attack. One of the smaller dogs bites the pig farmer. Rexus moves to the side of the attacking dogs and casts a spell deftly and without components; colors shoot out of his hands. Two of the dogs fall down, paralyzed. Aerodus stabs the mastiff.
Gillie again attempts to gain intimidate the mastiff, staring him down and making several sharp movements with his hands. The mastiff attacks Aerodus, taking a big chunk out of his side. Bigby smacks it with his staff. Aerodus flanks it and stabs the mastiff, leaving it bleeding. the other two dogs are put outside the doors.
Bigby finds a key in a desk, and finds some tracks in hte dust on top of the desk that look like baby feet with claws on the end. a clatter and crash from outside in the yard draws the party out into the courtyard of the livery. out of the corner of his eye Aerodus sees something small skitter into a stall. Gillie and Aerodus stealth into a corner. Bigby walks towards the stall it skittered into, and sees fake blood flowing down a wall. Bigby throws some dust into the stall, and something scurries past him. The group finally sees that it is some sort of possum person. Aerodus tries to talk to it and convince it to help, but it skitters through the grate and into the area that they haven’t been able to reach. Gillie finds some old rope and harnesses to try and climb up a beam and grab a shiny thing that he saw up in hte rafters. he decides to knock it off of the beam with a pebble. it is an old signet ring. aerodus looks at it and deduces that it belongs to the juliac line of nobles, no longer a noble family in kintargo, but present elsewhere in Cheliax. It is probably worth a fair amount of money, probably 250 gp.

Gillie looks at the walls close to the walls on either side of the grate, and deduces that the mortar is loose enough that someone with a low strength could push through the wall. he pushes through some of the mortar to look into the next room. there are lots of interesting tools that are in there, and there is a trapdoor ajar in the corner held open by a block of wood. everyone enters into the room. As all of the heroes stand there, some of the tools start flying across the room. Bigby goes down the trapdoor, 15 ft down a ladder. There are three dire rats down there. Bigby charges one of them and misses with his staff. Aerodus gives his dagger to Gillie, and then climbs down into th eroom. Gillie follows. The rats attack Bigby, and all three bite him. He falls. Rexus drops down into the cellar and casts colorspray, dropping them all. Gillie feeds Bigby a healing potion. The solidly built subtereanean rooms seem pretty well constructed- more solidly than the livery above. A big room beyond has animal warrens and tracks. Bigby walks boldly into the room, while Gillie and Aerodus stealthily walk into the room. Arerodus sees something shiny. Bigby pokes a pile with his stick. 5 possum people emerge from the blankets. They run forward and puke on everyone, swarming onto bigby. Aerodus and Rexus and Gillie fall back into the previous room, while bigby tries to whack the one on him with his quarterstaff. he misses, and moves back into the room with the others. the possum things swarm rexus. Gillie punches one of them a couple times, then they run away.

The heroes find some loot. Group Treasure

Bigby goes exploring and finds some a giant cistern full of slurry and sinister carvings on the walls, menacing chains hanging from pillars in the middle of the room. While Bigby is standing, looking at the room, two sloppy looking creatures rise from the muck; he recognizes them as lemures, the lowest minions of hell. Bigby attempts to kill them and fails. He falls to the ground, bleeding out. Rexus runs down the stairs and grabs bigby and drags him up the stairs. He is eventually stabilized, right before he is about to die.

The three remaining party members decide, after a hit of opium, to combat the lemures. sallying forth, the three brave heroes barely survive the encounter with the two lemures, with rexus becoming unconcsious, and gillie and aerodus down to one hitpoint apiece.

Continuing into the tunnel, Gillie and Aerodus find three crates with treasure, that would be super helpful.
The group heads to the coffee house.


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