Aerodus Jheltro

favored son of the Jheltro family


Rogue (Spy) 3 /Bard (Archivist) 2 / Noble Scion 3
str: 7 HP: 49
dex:14 Spd: 30
Con:12 init: 2
int: 14

Perception: 12
Diplomacy: 19 (23 vs creatures 4hd more powerful)
Bluff: 17 (18 when disguised)
Sense motive: 10

Languages: common, infernal elven, aquan, tengu, pidgin, sylvan, Aklo, undercommon


Aerodus looks perfectly ordinary- until he brings his charisma to bear. It was that charisma that made his parents start grooming him to control the information networks that are the main method of his families survival without the friendship of the Thrunes.

Aerodus grew up with two siblings, a twin sister and a younger brother. He and his sister were close for much of their early years, but as they got older started to grow apart. His sister, Aquilius, came to resent his quick wit and ability to manipulate his parents. Their younger brother, adoring of Aerodus, died at the age of twelve in a mysterious fire.

His sister’s resentment spawns from two incidents- once when the two children were shown a captive devil, she was drawn in by its promises of power. Aerodus mockingly refuted the devil, insulting his sister in the process. It was meant as a joke, but she has never forgotten the slight.

The other incident has never been talked about by the two siblings. It involves their brother, and the night of his death.

Aerodus and Aquilius only trade insults, their competition the fire that has consumed their friendship. After the fire, Aquilius was sent to a school specializing in diabolism and summoning.

Aerodus stayed at home, his education shifting from diplomacy, etiquette and languages to stealth and bladework; disguise and sleight of hand. He is being groomed for a high position in the family.
His father has recently sent a mercenary battlepriest of Gorum to assist Aerodus, an orphan named Roget Bastardo who has some aquaintance with Aerodus.

With the imposition of martial law, business has slowed for the family. The silver from the mines is unable to ship out, and without the flow of commerce, there is little use for silver.

But there is always a use for information.

The Jheltro family has tasked Aerodus with the gathering of information that might end the martial law imposed on the city, and benefit the family. As this is his first such mission, he has much leeway in how he executes the gathering of information, and he is certainly not the only Jheltro agent in the city. In fact, there are probably people watching his every move- judging and grading.

He will earn his family’s respect, and secure their position against others’ machinations; notably the treacherous Thrunes…

Aerodus Jheltro

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