A solid man with mousy brown hair and dark green eyes - there is something a bit offsetting about this man. He is honest because a lying man is a fearful man.


Bemlain is a man of above average height and above average education, but in his dark eyes there is an uncommon wit. He moves deliberately and gracefully. He is a man of few words but those he speaks carry weight. Years of physical toil have made him a strong man and years practicing his kata have made him dangerous.

A warrant and award of 5,000 gp has been issued for his arrest by the city of Kitargo for the murder of a popular performer who is no longer dead.


Bemlain is an orphan; an orphan of Isgar. That is all he knows. His first memories are of the convent where he was raised and those who raised him –the Sisters of the Golden Eryines.

The beginning of life was a lesson. Life is pain and only death will be a release straight to your master’s arms in hell. He was taught not to fear death because there are things far worse than oblivion or the boneyard for those who have displeased His will. He was taught the ways of Asemodus and was introduced to way of the Barbed Devil. The nuns were strict but fair – always fair and always strict.

Overtime he was of age and could no longer stay with his “mothers” and had to go out into the world to serve Asmodeus in the best way he could. But he found few of the teachings relevant and openly disagreed with much of the dogma. Hell was not a place to aspire to; it was no place for mortal men and women at all. Hell was a playground for extra dimensional aliens of excess that meddled with the mortals of his world as a child might play roughly with a doll. In fact he began to see all outsiders and gods similarly – children playing with toys; some played nice but most did not. Perhaps oblivion was the best option if only because it was the mortal option. Nevertheless Bemlain was raised as a spiritual boy and although he could find no piety with the Gods and Devils like most men he did find piety and faith with the world around him – fore Golarian was the home of mortals born to it and the extra dimensional aliens who called themselves angles, devils, and gods. Particularly he found faith with the Empyrial lords of War, Famine, Pestilence, and especially Death for these were the forces of men, the Gods made by men who served men. They were the great cleansing wave; the deep snow that allowed new life and a new cycle to come to this world. They were gods of Galorian and to this end he would see their will done.

He found Kintargo to be a hole of excess and infernal games strife with unnatural suffering. It was ready. He found himself a job as a gravedigger – a good way to tally the health of a society. He always had respect for the peace of the dead and began setting about bring back the natural.


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