Group Treasure

627 gp

128 silver

342 copper

leather armor+1 —ghilly

Composite shortbow +1 str—bigby

2 light crossbow

40 bolts

3 short swords

3 studded leather

(Mstwk hand xbow) —Aerodus

mstwk silver morningstar —ghilly

(cloak of resistance) -Aerodus


a locked, watertight iron coffer

6 fully functional silver raven figurines of wonderous power

(daredevil boots) —Aerodus

one crates of fine embroidered varisian clothing worth 200gp

Alabaster holy symbol of abadar worth 150 gp
Gold holy symbol 100 gp

Scroll cure moderate wounds—ed
Scroll of daylight—
Scroll of ćure deafness/blindness—-ed

3 potions lesser restoration—hq
6 potions cure light wounds-dispersed

Rowboat seats 4
6(1gd) hooded lanterns
12 pints oil
200 ft hemp rope
1 waterskin

Masterwork studded leather

15gp Silver necklace

150 Gold holy symbol of shaelin

1 remove disease

1 amulets of protection from law—Ep

Tacklebox of Spell components
-1000 gp diamond dust

1 potion protection from evil—hq
1 potion shield-hq

(3 poison darts)—Aerodus

Papers & correspondance

several sheafs of Correspondance in different languages

Five rings:
– One ring of Protection +1—Ep
– One ring of Sustanance—O

2 bracelets:
– One Sleeves of Many Garments—aj

Amphora — jar of sacred elven ashes

Tree Feather Token—hq

Bright colored gem (Gem of Brightness, 2 charges)

2 prtraits from fathers room (no frame) – 100gp

bookplate of recall

Pearl of power 1st level

2 scrolls of air bubble

2 scrolls of identify

1scroll of silence

rexus portrait

Group Treasure

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